Getting Started with Tableau – PART 1

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics professionals specialize in orchestrating analytical workflow through Tableau. As one of the most recognized solution providers in pairing interactive visualization with data extracts, Tableau is a sought after tool in various industries. In Part 1 of our two-part segment on Tableau user mechanics, Consultant Christian Ott walks us though the fundamentals of getting started with Tableau.

Putting Your Data to UseGetting started with Tableau

Until interactive dashboards were implemented into the analytical practices of business, many organizations struggled to capture the need-to-knows of their data. Tableau has transformed the way organizations view their data, how they interact with it, and how they put it to use.

While the endeavor of composing large amounts of data seems like a daunting task, BI tools like Tableau make the process visually appealing and easy to maintain. Many organizations recognize the benefits of Tableau and want to experience its features first hand. However, their data may be unique, challenging to compile, or they simply may not know where to start.

In Part 1 of this segment, Christian establishes the base of getting started with Tableau by introducing the basic fundamentals of chart construction.

Primary Topics Addressed

  • Getting started with Tableau

  • Navigation, terminology and primary features

  • Importing and inputting data sets

  • Constructing a custom graph or chart

  • Further customization of graph/chart dynamics

Ready for Part 2?

Watch Part 2 of our Tableau tutorial series, and learn the fundamentals of creating your own interactive dashboard.

Getting Started with Tableau – Part 2
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