Getting Started with Tableau – PART 2

Interactive data visualizations are changing the way business professionals view past and present data, along with analytical trends. In Part 2 of our two-part segment on Tableau user mechanics, Consultant Christian Ott walks us though creating an interactive data dashboard.

Interactive Data Visualizations through Tableau Dashboards
interactive data visualizations

In Part 1 of our two-part short series on getting started with Tableau, Consultant Christian Ott introduced the fundamental principles of the Tableau-user interaction. In this segment, we covered the ground level terminologies, features and tools accessible in Tableau. We also learned how to input various forms of data to create our first visualized chart.

With the understanding of how to import, input and customize a desired data set, we can now create a fully interactive dashboard. One of the key purposes of creating a dashboard is the ability to interact with various categories of data at once, while also analyzing relationship dynamics in the data sets.

In Part 2 of this segment, Christian implements interactive data visualizations through the creation of a full Tableau dashboard.

Primary Topics Addressed

  • Breaking down interactive data visualizations

  • Customizing text tables on charts/graphs

  • Creating calculations in the analysis feature 

  • Formatting values 

  • Customizing color codes by desired category 

  • Dashboard creation, viewing multiple graphs at once 

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