Informatica World 2015 – A Learning Experience for a New Era in a Data World

Informatica World 2015 – A Learning Experience for a New Era in a Data World

I had a great experience at the Informatica World conference this year which included Informatica Big Data Edition training, hands-on labs, and certification.


The Age of Engagement

The conference started in the second day and was larger than expected, with around 2,500 people attending. Informatica Chairman and CEO Sohaib Abbasi led the keynotes talking about the growth strategy:  expand across all major geographic regions, grow across all customer data initiatives, and advance technology leadership in all things data.

He also discussed the acquisition, saying that a key reason Informatica is planning to go private is to “up the innovation”.

The new era is taking us from “age of productivity” to “age of engagement”. Abbasi showcased key innovation products and projects for different categories:

  • Project Atlantic for Cloud Integration
  • Project Sonoma for Big Data initiatives
  • Rev for next-generation data integration and preparation
  • Social360 for the Internet of Master Data (MDM solutions)
  • Secure@Source for data security intelligence and analytics

Abbasi also showed us “Live Data Map” – a platform unification and enterprise metadata catalog to master all things data by collaboration across project life cycle and data roles.


The New Data World

The data world is growing beyond traditional data warehouse and transactional data integrations to include big data from social media, web logs, mobile apps, machine data and Internet of Things (IoT) and real time advanced analytics. Anil Chakravarthy, EVP and Chief product officer, showcased the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) to integrate, prepare, master, secure and publish data from various sources, forms and sizes. IDP is a platform targeting five goals:

  1. Analytics
  2. Total Customer Relationship
  3. Application Consolidation
  4. Cloud Modernization
  5. and Data Governance

During the conference the focus was on the following product releases:

Power Center

A platform for “all things data” with an end-to-end lifecycle from Discovery -> Integration -> Quality -> Validation -> Testing. Power Center is ideal for:

  • Any type of user : analysts, data scientists, developers, architects and testers
  • Any deployment: On-premise, Cloud, Hadoop
  • Any data: structured, un-structured, relational, non-relational, machine data, web logs, streaming, documents etc.
  • Dynamic mappings
  • Smart Optimizers
  • Elastic provisioning

Big Data Integration

This will improve the agility of data scientists while enabling better governance by IT. For big data projects, with growing volumes and varieties of interaction data, organizations are increasingly adopting Hadoop-based data lakes. Developers will be able to productively find, ingest, prepare, provision, secure and govern data – transaction and interaction – managed in Hadoop data lakes.

Informatica Rev

Self-service Analytics for the business users. Simplifies data preparation with guided recommendations for tasks such as curating, combining and enriching data. Using Rev, business users simply merge data from multiple sources and standardize and prepare the data for analysis in visualization tools. To operationalize data preparation tasks by business users, Informatica Rev will automatically generate mappings for IT developers to administer.


Informatica MDM now offers Social360 to view master data, relationships and associated interactions, including social media feeds and media mentions. By matching transactions with social relationships, Informatica MDM can identify the top influencers among the most valuable customers. Designed to run natively on Hadoop, Informatica Big Data Relationship Management identifies household and social relationships across billions of records representing millions of people.


Designed to mitigate the risk of data breaches in traditional databases and Hadoop, Secure@Source defines a new category, Data Security Intelligence and Analytics. Secure@Source mitigates the risks of breaches by detecting, classifying and monitoring the risks associated with proliferation and usage of sensitive data.


Big Data Ready

Since my main focus at the conference was big data I attended most of the sessions related to this topic. I attended the Big Data Ready summit, which included hands on labs and best practices in big data integration projects.

In the Big Data Ready Summit, we learned how to successfully accelerate the transition from the traditional world of data management to the new world of Big Data analytics. They discussed what organizations are doing today, what organizations want to do tomorrow and the challenges. They also presented studies of “Big Data in big companies” and “Analytics 2.0 – Hadoop for everything“.

Surveyed IT professionals currently involved in Big Data projects cited the following as significant challenges they face when working with Big Data:

Finding talent for projects 80%
Gathering data from different sources 76%
Finding the right tools 76%
Time to work on the project 75%
Understanding the platforms 73%


Regardless of definition of Big Data technology, the following is clear:

  • Massively scalable processing and storage
  • Pay-as-you-go processing and storage
  • Flexible schema on read vs schema on write
  • Easier integration of search, query and analysis
  • Variety of languages for interface/interaction
  • Open source ecosystem driving innovation


On the last day of the conference I passed the Informatica Big Data Integration Specialist exam and received my certification. A great ending to a great week! Did you attend? Please share your observations in the comments.


Some of the content for this blog post was provided by the Informatica press release regarding the announcements. Read more here.

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