On Demand Webinar: Restaurant Analytics Powered by MicroStrategy & Smartbridge FoodOps2018-11-29T18:11:08+00:00

Restaurant Analytics Powered by MicroStrategy & Smartbridge FoodOps



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Leading restaurant brands today are pursuing digital transformation strategies to create unified customer engagement, build loyalty and grow sales. Collecting, organizing and understanding the key performance metrics from the wealth of data generated by core systems and processes (sales, menu mix, food & labor cost, HR, customer experience, etc.) can be complex. With the MicroStrategy platform, food service companies can establish a consistent view of the performance of the organization by conducting in-depth analysis using intuitive tools, visualizing trends, and forecasting performance.

FoodOps is Smartbridge’s BI and analytics solution created for the restaurant industry using MicroStrategy. FoodOps incorporates decades of industry expertise and analytics best practices from large brands in the restaurant industry. Learn how fast growing restaurant brands have accelerated their BI programs in weeks, not years, by adopting data models, KPIs, and mobile dashboards from FoodOps. Discover how you can accelerate your digital transformation with analytics from FoodOps to gain a holistic understanding of your operations – a critical capability for making informed decisions to drive your business forward with agility.

This webcast will cover:

  • Restaurant industry analytics trends
  • Tiered Key Performance Measures (KPIs)
  • Mobile dashboards & visualizations
  • Loss prevention analytics
  • Operations hierarchy modeling and mastering
  • Power of FoodOps and MicroStrategy in enabling analytics agility
  • Case studies and key best practices