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Project Description

Implementing a Quality Assurance Program

The Client

One of the largest chains of drive-in restaurants in the nation, the business has been around for more than 50 years.

The Problem

The client had hundreds of reports that have been built over a period of time. However, the reports were ineffective due to lack of data quality and testing controls.

The Solution

Smartbridge interviewed the various groups to understand the data quality issues and implemented a quality assurance program. Implementing a quality assurance program involved:

  • Defining the methodology
  • Defining the standardized testing processes – verify, validate and approve
  • Defining the team structure
  • Building and training the team

The Result

With the quality assurance program in place, by following the defined testing process and using the templates defects were identified early in the process, resulting in fewer production issues, and an increase in user satisfaction.

Project Details