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Project Description

Improving Marketing Performance with Data-driven Decisions

The Client

A growing mid-sized retail energy company, operating in several markets in the US implemented a marketing strategy with three primary goals.

1. Increase customer reach via traditional and digital media
2. Measure marketing performance in multi-channel campaigns
3. Optimize campaign performance to meet customer acquisition goals

The Problem

During the implementation of the strategy, the marketing team faced challenges that include:

  • Overwhelming amounts of data
  • Disjointed analytics from various providers
  • Manual data aggregation is error-prone and time-consuming
  • Inability to make timely adjustments to the campaign
  • Inability to get an overview of the effectiveness of marketing efforts across all markets

The Solution

Smartbridge’s SmartMPM (Smart Marketing Performance Measurement) team evaluated the marketing campaign design and worked closely with the client team to improve the campaign structure. Smartbridge implemented SmartMPM as the marketing performance measurement tool by following four simple steps – evaluate the campaign, recommend changes to enable effective tracking, setup the campaign and train the users.

SmartMPM was quickly configured to get robust, user-friendly marketing performance reports that helped the customer to easily identify their most effective channels in each market. Upon client request, Smartbridge developed the brand summary reports that make analyzing marketing efforts across multiple geographic markets feasible.

The Result

Based on the insights provided by SmartMPM reports, our customer was able make significant improvements in their campaign execution plan focusing on their most effective channels thus improving overall marketing performance.

Project Details

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