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Project Description

Large Restaurant Franchisee Leverages Mobile Intelligence

The Client

A top 10 QSR (2,500 total restaurants) franchisee whose operations include over 100 restaurants.

The Problem

QSR restaurant operations managers are always on the go, and they have a need to be mobile and have access to key metrics and reports as well as other functionality to run the restaurants efficiently. Our client wanted its operations managers to be able to access key information via mobile device to improve the portability of the managers.

The Solution

Smartbridge built a mobile restaurant management application that goes beyond business intelligence and gives restaurant operators access to key functionality anywhere, anytime. The application is very intuitive and focuses on the key information and functionality including:

  • Reporting across four major categories: Sales, Food Cost, Labor Cost, Customer
  • Operations and Corporate Directory
  • Restaurant Locator and Information
  • Facilities Services
  • Events
  • Alerts
  • Unit Evaluations
  • Promotions

The Result

The mobile application helped improved portability in restaurant operations management as well as increased the timing and visibility of crucial information and alerts. By also giving operators access to crucial functionality they were not only able to consume information, but take immediate actions saving precious time. For example, managers could initiate service requests for critical issues directly from their mobile device as opposed to having to get to a computer or pull out their laptops.

Project Details

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