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Project Description

Monitoring and Supporting Mission Critical Interfaces

The Client

A quick service restaurant company with mulit-billion dollars in annual sales. The client has numerous vendors and interfaces. These interface are critical in connecting their supply chain, financials, labor and operational data to both internal and external systems.

The Problem

The client needed to implement a robust and cost effective system to track and monitor interfaces with third-party vendors, and over 1000+ stores. The interfaces are critical to the daily operation of the corporation and provide key data to business departments.

The Solution

Smartbridge helped by architecting a solution that fit the client’s needs using Microsoft .Net, SQL Server and SQL Reporting services. The solution was built to be expandable, so interfaces can be added or removed as business needs changed. Key features included:

  • Monitor the success or failure of interfaces
  • Track the progress and status of interfaces based on a schedule
  • Ability to update interface schedules and add/remove interfaces
  • Easy to use and interactive reports that help the support team and take action based on interface failures

The Result

A reliable and cost effective solution was implemented to help the client’s production support team monitor the interfaces to identify and respond to interface issues. The solution included:

  • Easy to use interface to setup multiple files and store locations
  • 24/7 monitoring and movement of interface files between corporate, stores and third-parties
  • Leveraged use of existing database server and job scheduler
  • Easy to scale up to include more files and locations

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