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Project Description

Reducing Financial Reporting From 3 Hours to 3 Minutes

The Client

A major Insurance Holdings company in Houston, Texas.

The Problem

The client had partially implemented a General Ledger Data Mart and OLAP Cube which they developed with internal resources.

The solution required a great deal of manual operations to pull data from the source system into the Data Mart, resulting in stale data much of the time. They wanted to improve the accuracy of the data to near real-time to satisfy their current business needs.

In addition, they wanted to improve their ability to monitor, administer, and audit the data flowing from the accounting system to the data mart to ensure 100% data integrity between the two systems.

And finally, they needed a more efficient way to manage and maintain the reporting hierarchies to minimize the involvement of IT.

The Solution

Smartbridge consultants created several SSIS packages to extract, transform and load all the accounting data into the data mart eliminating the need for any manual processing. A portal was implemented for monitoring, audit reporting, scheduling and administration of the ETL process.

This portal provides the capabilities to audit the daily data movements, as well as scheduling of jobs to run as frequently as the business needs.

The team also developed a reporting hierarchy management tool to allow business analysts to manage their own reporting hierarchies. Proactive caching was implemented on the SSAS cube to provide near real time data to the business users (5 minute latency).

The Result

The business users were able to run reports at near real time. The turn-around time was significantly reduced from 3 hours to less than 3 minutes. Data reconciliation was built into the load process that informed the users if there was any discrepancy in the data.

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