Powerful Solutions Built by Smartbridge.

Along the way, Smartbridge has developed solutions derived from reoccurring business challenges we see everyday. Merging our experience with our forward-thinking partner technology, we’ve created a few products that are ready out-of-the-box, or provide an accelerated tool for specific needs.

Sometimes, reinventing the wheel is costly and time consuming, so we’ve devised solution accelerators, meant to encourage faster, more economical deployments of custom solutions. Smartbridge has also developed a few SaaS tools for centralized communication and intelligence for specific operations. Explore our products below:

Mobile Apps & Industry Solutions


Emergency and incident management solution supporting business continuity during and after an event.

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Mobile business intelligence for restaurant operators.

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HSE Incident Analytics

Health, safety and environment mobile app for manufacturing, distribution, retail, oil & gas.

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Marketing intelligence for real-time performance analysis of integrated campaigns.

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