Restaurant Group Builds Enterprise Wide BI Program

A well known restaurant group, who owns, operates and franchises two popular food brands, partnered with Smartbridge in the development of an enterprise wide Business Intelligence program. This restaurant chain specializes in fresh in-house dining, drive thru service and catering, resulting in a fast paced and dynamic business environment.

The client was experiencing significant challenges across people, process, and technology categories related to data management and analytics. Since their IT organization was small, limited bandwidth and skills to implement solutions needed for business demand became apparent. Smartbridge wanted to ensure a BI program was put in place to address the various needs of the entire enterprise, which required an assessment of all major functioning departments.

Smartbridge identified and executed a list of initiatives required to fulfill the client’s vision. The Smartbridge team was able to implement much of the data foundation, while standardizing and automating several key operational reporting areas.

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In addition to the Smartbridge Success Stories, we like to share significant client achievements such as this throughout the year. If you would like to discuss our project experience in more detail, please contact Smartbridge sales via our contact form.

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