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Strategically apply digital technologies to change the ways you engage with customers, business partners and devices (IoT).

Modernize your systems, use intelligence to make agile business decisions, and innovate to create new products and services.

Transformation Ideation

Digital Transformation begins with open-ended thinking—a pathway to reimagine the business, in the same way that Southwest Airlines, Virgin, Tesla, and Uber have reimagined their respective industries. Despite these well-known cases of transformational businesses, sadly few companies are prepared to harness the creative thinking of their talented teams in a way that creates clear, deliberate plans for transforming the business in a logical progression.

At Smartbridge, we excel at bringing out the best in leadership teams through a facilitated series of ideation sessions where new ideas are explored in real time and crafted into action plans for further development.

Business Simulation

Digital Transformation Business Simulation

Smartbridge represents a company’s operations in a computer simulation model, building a replica of the company that can be subjected to a variety of “what if” questions. Business simulations aid in scenario planning and decision making. They also enable sustainable experimentation and problem solving.

We use the latest in mathematical techniques and data technologies to allow for sophisticated exploration of business operations. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytical models. The result of these simulations and models unlock the sometimes-hidden value present in companies of every size, and fosters the test-and-learn mentality critical to keeping an edge in today’s business environment.



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Digital Transformation Blockchain

For years Smartbridge has recognized the growing potential of blockchain technology to dramatically transform business of all kinds. We envision a future where trading ecosystems revolve around industry-specific blockchain, all linked to the master blockchain in a way that creates an Internet of Money.

Smartbridge provides full life-cycle consultancy on blockchain, from advisory on business strategy through to implementation of blockchain technology. We are uniquely suited to marry ERP systems with blockchain to provide a powerful on-ramp to this critical technology, with minimal disruption to the business.

“Art of the Possible” Executive Education

Digital Transformation Executive Education

George Danner is an acclaimed author covering the application of analytics to modern business decision-making. His book, Profit from Science, provides executives a blueprint on how to effectively incorporate computing and data into every day problem-solving.

Taking the lessons from the book, we have extended Danner’s keen insights into customized interactive sessions. The range of topics are designed to introduce executives to the “art of the possible” in today’s technologically advanced world. Topics include machine learning, game theory, blockchain, optimization, visualization, forecasting, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Data Curation

Digital Transformation Data Curation

Increasingly, business leaders are dealing with an onslaught of business data, much of which is non-actionable.  How do we distinguish between the signal and the noise of all this data?  Data curation is the method used to carefully and systematically assimilate large bodies of data into a form that allows for further analysis.  Smartbridge uses information design principles to craft a well-functioning, programmable corpus of data organized for comprehensive and rapid consumption.

Profit From Science

Profit from Science bookIn his book, award-winning business consultant and Smartbridge executive George Danner presents solutions to the big problems that modern businesses face – solutions that are grounded in the logic and empiricism of the scientific method.

“This book presents a step change in the art and science of solving complex business challenges. The implications of George’s work on corporate strategy and decision making are nothing short of transformational. Everyone shaping a company should have these tools.” —Wayne Wisniewski, President and COO, Eagle Hydrocarbons

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