George Danner of Business Laboratory to Speak at SIM Houston

The Society for Information Management (SIM), Houston Chapter is a well known collaborative society for various Senior Level IT professionals. As part of our alliance with SIM, and our continuous effort to educate business executives on ‘the art of the possible’, a digital transformation talk will take place at this quarters CIO Breakfast on October, 5th.

This discussion however, will feature a special guest speaker that has a renowned reputation in the realm of digital transformation. George Danner, President of Business Laboratory, Author and longtime Associate of Smartbridge, will join us this quarter for share his expertise on unprecedented automation. George leads the strategic partnership alliance with Smartbridge to empower customers to solve complex business problems.

Unprecedented Automation – A Synopsis from George:

“The evidence is clear that we are near an inflection point in our ability to automate nearly everything, including those tasks that we could have never conceived as automat-able.  How companies prepare for a future world punctuated by high levels of automation will separate the great from the average.

George Danner is the author of the forthcoming book The Executive Guide to Automation published by Springer.  In his talk, he will provide some practical advice on company automation, from supply chains to forecasting demand to pricing to strategic decision-making, and which technologies in the mix that will be crucial to future success.”

George Danner

Don’t Miss George Danner on October, 5th for The SIM CIO Breakfast!

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