Smartbridge and Business Laboratory Announce Strategic Alliance

Enterprise technology services leader and leading data science company combine strengths to empower customers to solve complex business problems with end-to-end business strategy and solutions using mathematics-based predictive analytics.

HOUSTON – April 11, 2017 – Smartbridge, a leading technology services and data analytics company based in Texas, and Business Laboratory, the specialty strategy and data science company, have announced a strategic alliance. This alliance will bring end-to-end capabilities to customers to help them solve complex business problems using Big Data-based advanced analytics integrated with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. The combined capabilities of the two companies will bring all the skills necessary to attack business problems that C-level executives are trying to tackle in pursuit of achieving operational excellence and business growth, via sophisticated approaches founded on mathematical models and advanced data analytics. Natural language experts from both companies will use the latest technology to simplify this business transformation by letting computers respond to natural language commands with answers derived from systems and forecasting models. This power will revolutionize the way businesses operate in the future by breaking down the traditional models and letting machines do the thinking and problem solving. The two companies will also develop and market solutions that directly solve specific complex problems in Restaurant, Healthcare and Oil & Gas industries.

Combined services will include:

Digital Intelligence Strategy:   Enable customer business transformation with a digital transformation strategy that establishes engagement with customers, partner ecosystem, IoT and IT systems. With Intelligence at the core, enable systems to make decisions, taking advantage of new machine learning, artificial intelligence and NLP technologies.

Data Science:  Perform scientific simulations and model-based analysis using scientific techniques for mid-size to large businesses and government organizations. Computerized simulation models attempt to solve business problems with science, founded on linear and non-linear mathematical techniques. Accordingly, customers can run thousands of scenarios in a matter of minutes and quickly arrive at optimal solution points that provide the best results.

Big Data and Data Integration:  Correlate data patterns to business issues and/or opportunities that can enable new business capabilities. This is done using Hadoop-based processing of structured and unstructured data, IoT, and traditional data integration from internal and external data sources. These capabilities will establish some of the building blocks necessary to achieve digital transformation.

Business Intelligence:  Establish a strategy to achieve core business intelligence capabilities that gather information and critical insights. Enable this strategy using accelerators, KPI libraries and data models. Deliver dashboards and scorecards using industry-leading BI tools.

“Smartbridge wants to deliver simple, magical experiences while solving critical business problems. Our goal is to simplify business transformation for clients wherein technology fades into the background so people can get their best work done easily,” said Sri Raju, CEO, Smartbridge. “Smartbridge and Business Laboratory are coming together to empower business users with sophisticated solution models, yet easy to use voice-activated interfaces to create superior problem solving experiences so they can become more productive.”

“Smartbridge and Business Laboratory are a powerful combination that can be brought to bear on a wide range of business functions to make them run smarter, faster, and cheaper”, said George Danner, CEO of Business Laboratory. “We’re thrilled to announce this strategic alliance with Smartbridge, which will provide our clients unparalleled access to business transformation products and services.”


About Smartbridge
Smartbridge is a full-service business consulting and technology services company helping clients simplify their business transformation. Our professionals deliver business strategy and implementation services to solve complex problems by addressing the essential elements of a successful solution – strategy, people, process and technology. The Smartbridge spectrum of technology services includes technology strategy, systems integration, enterprise applications, enterprise mobility, and business intelligence & analytics. Visit Smartbridge at, Follow us on LinkedIn or on Twitter @SmartbridgeLLC.

About Business Laboratory
Business Laboratory was founded on the basis that the best approach to preparing business leadership and stakeholders for the complexities of business intelligence and “big data”, is to use the scientific method and process to solve problems. Business Laboratory optimizes mathematical modeling with computer software applications that enable collaboration and accessibility for teams. We have a hand in fundamentally disrupting and transforming businesses that face a challenging future where uncertainty and risk are the norm, where regulatory policy is uncertain, and where competition is shrewd and prolific. We are committed to navigating these perfect storms with our global business partners, resulting in precision decision-making abilities and profitability. Visit Business Laboratory at, connect with us on Twitter @scienceprofits and LinkedIn.

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