What you need to know about the new and improved MicroStrategy Dossier.

Have you ever been in a time crunch and need a quick visual to show the boss but have no time to generate it? Think again. With MicroStrategy’s Dossier, making quick, on-the-fly visuals is easier than ever.

What’s in a Dossier?

Released in the 10.9 and 10.10 updates, the MicroStrategy Dossier makes forming visuals and stories a collaborative experience. Think of Dossiers as a dry erase board. You can be agile as well as interactive and find unexpected results in your data; Deliver quick stories to leadership committees, or perform deep data discovery on the fly.

And, you can try out new visuals, make quick changes, and not worry about messing up a crucial standardized report. Although Dossiers do not replace the full functionality offered by the advanced dashboards, they provide an ad-hoc data experience to your storyboarding and visual insights.

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With that being said, here are some of the cool features a MicroStrategy Dossier offers:


  • Interactive and minimal user interface makes it easy for any end user, regardless of skillset, to build powerful analytical insight:

  • Ability to add a dossier to your MicroStrategy Library and edit filters to your preferences and share with coworkers (including sharing your own filter preferences!).

  • Comment, annotate, highlight, and collaborate with your coworkers on shared dossiers in real-time.

  • Use the Story Experience with chapters and pages to build a case for your data:

  • Responsive design automatically fits web, tablet, or mobile screens.

Document versus a Dossier?


  • Real time comments and annotations
  • MicroStrategy Library Integration with collaboration and filtering capabilities
  • Data Wrangling Feature
  • Intuitive Visualizations
  • Advanced Filtering using Visualizations as filters
  • D3 Visualizations (import community visualizations from libraries)
  • Storytelling Feature

Document (Advanced Dashboard):

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Extensive Data Modeling
  • Transaction Services (can write directly to database)
  • Information Windows
  • Formatting Consistency
  • MicroStrategy Library Integration with collaboration, but no filtering capabilities

Long Story Short

Use a dossier if you are not a highly technical user: you can bring your own data, it’s not highly technical, it’s user friendly, and incorporates intuitive visualizations. Plus, it’s great to use for data discovery. Use documents if you need a logical data model and pixel perfection, as well as any standardized reporting.

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